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VitaMedica Products, formulated with  nutrients to support healing, minimize inflammation and reduce bruising after a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Authorized reseller. Learn even more about VitaMedica here.

Arnica Montana 30x Bottle

A Homeopathic remedy to reduce the discomfort, bruising and swelling associated with soft tissue injury. The 30x formula is particulary well-suited for patients undergoing facial surgery. Small tablets delivered sublingually. 2 week supply

Arnica Montana Blister Pack

A Homeopathic remedy to reduce bruising associated with injectables such as Restylane and Radiesse. Provided in a 5-day blister pack

Arnica+K Cream

Features homeopathic Arnica Montana plus vitamin K and botanicals, to reduce pain and swelling, as well as discoloration from bruising associated with soft tissue injury. Liposome nanotechnology transdermal system ensures delivery of active ingredients to the skin.