Alabama Vein Center Aesthetics offers a variety of chemical peels to suit your skin needs. We initially do a skin analysis and one of our aestheticians will review your skin profile and determine which chemical peel will be the best fit for you. 

Are most popular are the Skinmedica Vitalize and the Skinmedica Illuminize. We also offer other types and brands to give you the best options available for many different skin types. 

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Chemical Peels

SkinMedica Vitalize- The Vitalize Peel is the most popular SkinMedica peel that is appropriate for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin. Achieve visible improvement after one treatment with optimal results after a series of treatments. The Vitalize Peel combines resorcinol, lactic, salicylic, and retinoic acid (at aesthetician's discretion) to offer dramatic improvement in texture and tone. The renewal process stimulates collagen production, improves pigmentation, acne, and melasma. The skin appears healthier and more youthful with minimal downtime. For best results a series is recommended. We offer a series of 4 at a reduced cost!

SkinMedica Illuminize- This non-invasive very superficial chemical peel utilizes a novel approach to chemical peeling with a newer generation of alpha-hydroxy acids (mandelic and malic acid) in combination with phytic acid and commonly used peeling agents (salicylic acid and resorcinol) to maximize skin rejuvenating effects with low irritation. Enhances skin glow and radiance, Helps restore a more youthful appearance, Improves clarity, color and skin texture, achieve enhancement of skin appearance with minimal downtime and discomfort, Appropriate for first-time chemical peel patients or patients looking for a gentle, very superficial peel, May be performed on Fitzpatrick Skin Types I - VI, and Little or no visible peeling

Glytone Hand Peel

Glytone TCA Peel

Skinceuticals Peel

Advanced Corrective